Quartz products

Epson, Japan
Crystals, oscillators, realtime clocks and programmable oscillators


Hosonic, Taiwan

Crystals, oscillators


Hooray, Hong Kong

Crystals, oscillators


Citizen, Japan

Crystals, oscillators


KDK, Japan

 Crystals, oscillators


Sunny, South Korea

Crystals, oscillators

MEMS products

 SiTime, USA
Programmed oscillators


Epson, Japan

QMEMS timing, sensors

Sensors and opto

MARL, England
Bright LED, PCB mount LED,
LED lamps that replace light bulbs


 Semitec, Japan


NiCERA, Japan
Sensors for temperature, light, motion, ultrasound, vibration. 

Ceramic resonators, chip beads, EMC absorbers, Hall elements, ferrites 

Other electronics

MIPOT, Italien
Radiomodules in the ISM-bands

Eurofarad, Frankrike
Capacitors for military and industrial applications


Micro Analog Systems, Finland

Sensor Interface ICs, Time Code Receivers, Solar Cell Managers, Piezo Buzzer Drivers


Amotech, Korea

Antenna solutions for all applications


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